As a small island, Hawaii must import about 90% of their products. As more of Hawaii becomes industrialized, the less the island is able to grow its own food. In order to create a place for you to learn about agriculture and Hawaiian traditions, the Wai'anae Community Re-Developement Corporation developed a program to accomplish this goal.


he Ma'o Organic Farm, located in Wai'anae, Hawaii, started back in 2001. It is as also known as Mala 'Ai 'Opia, which literally means "the youth food garden".

A'O Organic Farmはハワイのワイナイにあって、2001年に活動をはじめました。
またMA'O Organic Farmは、Mala 'Ai' Opiaの文字通り、若い人のための食物園としても知られています。

his farm is special to Hawaii because it promotes the old tradition of uniting people with the land. This self-sufficient farm produces organic fruits and vegetables while simultaneously creating a place that positively influences youth to give back to their community.

このMA'O Organic Farmはハワイにとって特別なものです。

his far
set an example by the important of produce locally and informing surrounding communities of how to live a greatly lifestyle by understanding where their food originates. The farm also emphasizes working with youth to teach them leadership skills. By educating young high school and college students, Ma'o Organic Farm empowers youth to teach others the value of appreciating the work that goes into feeding others.

たこの農園は地元の農作物をつくるという 重要性、自分達が普段食べている果物が一体どこ からくるのかを理解することによって、素健康的な生活の送り方を地元に密着しつつ教える、といった例を確立しました。MA'O Organic Farmの特色は仕事の中で若い世代にリーダーシップスキルを学ばせる事を強調させることです。若い高校生や大学生にこういった教育を与えることで MA'O Organic Farmは,彼らを通して食物を供給するという仕事の大変さ、などを世間の人たちにわかってもらおうとしています。

urthermore, the program empowers the community to remedy local food insufficiencies by empowering them with self-sufficiency.This hands-on learning experience unites everyone under one common need to nourish ourselves with nutritious food.


he Ma'o Organic Farm teaches through 'Ohana which means treating others as family, and encouraging the peaceful values of the Hawaiian community. By putting this power in the hands of Hawaiian youth, the Ma'o Organic Farm ensures that their methods will be taught for generations to come.

た『Ohana』の意味である、他の人々を自分の家族として扱う考え方や、ハワイのコミュニティーの中の平和的な価値を奨励する事、などの意味をMA'O Organic Farmは教え
ている。ハワイの若者達の手にこういった力をゆだねる事で、MA'O Organic Farmは世代を超えて、その手法が伝えられていくことだろう考えています。

"Ne huli ka lima iluna, popoli ka opu; ne huli ka lima ilalo, piha ka opu."
"When your hands are turned up, you will be hungry; when your hands are turned to the soil, you will be full" -Hawaiian Proverb

『ネ フリ カ リマ イルナ、 ポポリ カ オプ; ネ フリ カ リマ イアロ、 ピハ カ オプ』